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Clean Closet

Professional Services in Charlotte,NC

718 W trade st
Charlotte, NC, 28202
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Organic Dry Cleaning in Uptown Charlotte

First question you may have is what is 'Organic' Dry Cleaning? We take pride in that we can deliver you clean clothes using the best eco-friendly cleaning methods available NOT used by traditional cleaners. When you get your clothes cleaned at the dry cleaners, did you know most cleaners use harmful chemicals full of fumes to clean clothes? The main reason is because the machines used to clean are out-dated, using cheaper quality soap and chemicals. Most dry cleaners still operate with petroleum-based PERC(perchloroethylene) machines, which produce daily sludge and waste that can be harmful to the environment. Here's information from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regarding the main chemical solvent used in dry cleaning-PERC: http://www.epa.gov/oppt/existingchemicals/pubs/perchloroethylene_fact_sh....

The waste and sludge from older machines will be dumped into the ground or sewers, which can make it's way into underground aquifers and drinking water. PERC can clean clothes well and help take stains out, but there are no health benefits. The fumes are toxic, clothes will have a chemical odor and could irritate the skin. Our hydrocarbon machine, built in Italy, does not use or is connected to water or steam. Because we don't have any pipes or waterlines that connect to our machines, they are self-sustaining and more environmentally friendly. When we clean and do maintenance on our machines, there is no sludge or any distillations to with our machines because we use filters with EM carbon inside. When we replace the filters, the waste is pasty and soil-like becoming bio-degradable waste, much like manure. The waste is safely disposed in the trash and becomes healthy recyclable compost. The bacterial soap we use has hydrocarbon solvents mixed with EM technology to clean your clothes.

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